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The “Making All Things New” Process

The goals of the Making All Things New process promoted by Cardinal Dolan include:

1. To enhance the vibrancy of the parish life throughout the Archdiocese of New York

2. To strengthen the presence and ministry of the church in the urban, suburban and rural areas of the archdiocese.

3. To foster an appreciation for and participation in the Sunday Eucharist.

4. To promote new evangelization efforts throughout the archdiocese.

5. To realign parishes within the archdiocese considering the number of priests available to serve, financial resources and changing demographics.

6. To ensure that all parishioners have opportunities for quality lifelong Christian education and formation

7. To strengthen service to those who are most in need.

8. To promote vocations to the priesthood, religious life, the diaconate and lay ministry.

9. To support new initiatives for youth, young adults and seniors.

10. To build a greater sense of unity among Catholics from all cultures within the local Church.

11. To increase collaboration among all entities in the local, national and universal Church.

As our Core Team begins to organize itself, it will be keeping these goals in mind and alerting you how well we are doing in meeting these goals.

Please read this letter from Cardinal Dolan, that appeared in the 10/3/13 edition of Catholic New York:

Dolan – pastoral letter 10-3-13