You Can Understand the Bible

A Practical and Illuminating Guide
to Each Book in the Bible

By Peter Kreeft  

     Many people are often understandably intimidated or overwhelmed by the sheer size and complexity of the Bible. But now popular author and Boston University professor Peter Kreeft has written a clear road map of the Bible, focusing his keen insight and engaging wit on the core message of each book. This is an abridged version that includes the 2nd half of the book. It won’t take long for you to understand why his guide to Scripture has become a best-seller! Sparkling with intelligence and Kreeft’s trademark humor, You Can Understand the Bible will transform dry study into spiritually satisfying adventures in God’s Word. Regardless of how you approached—or didn’t approach—the Bible before, you’ll come away with a new appreciation of its depth and meaning.

Kreeft also provides practical guidance for praying the Scriptures every day, allowing the reader to delve into the messages of Scripture in a manner that will surprise, delight, and reward.

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